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Y3DF - CAN'T SLEEP Adult Comics Part 2 [Updated]




com WTFY3DF- Can't Sleep - part 2... Having trouble falling asleep, and it's super awkward when you're trying to take off your clothes. Scene opens up with Maya laying in her bed, half-naked. She's got the covers over her body, and is trying to take off her bra and panties with her hands, but her fingers are just so damn big... she's got to take her top off first. And then her skirt. And then she's topless. See, she's a big girl. There's no way she can wear those clothes at her size, even if she tried to wear them on purpose. As it is, she's just trying to get out of bed with them on. She's really embarrassed by the whole thing, and is trying her hardest to get out of bed before her mom comes in to check on her. She's actually trying to shove the covers under the bed. That's going to come off soon, too. In the bathroom, she's thinking about when she was young, and at school, and on vacation. The memory of her mother complaining about it at the time comes to mind. She must have been really embarrassed. She brushes her teeth, and there's a knock on the door. It's her dad. "Hey, honey, are you okay?" "Y-yup," she says, trying to get out of bed before he comes in. "I'm fine." "I heard your mom and you being loud last night. I think I might have heard you screaming." "Oh... no, I wasn't... I was just messing with you." "I'm gonna go home and take a nap. Maybe you should call my mom and tell her that you're okay." "Okay. Thanks, dad." Maya closes the door behind him, but it's still hard to get the covers over her body. She has to get one leg out of the covers, and then the other. So she just goes ahead and takes off the covers. Now she's just lying in her underwear. This is a really awkward position for her, and she can't seem to figure out what to do next. Then she hears the door open, and her mom walks in, asking if everything is okay. "Hi mom! Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just cold." "Well, don't just lie there in your underwear. Get a robe or something on,




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Y3DF - CAN'T SLEEP Adult Comics Part 2 [Updated]

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